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A 6 month leadership & Feminine Energy Sales mastermind


You've craved a community of women dedicated to their growth, their goals, but also their peace.  You want to reach & fly past the $100K milestone with fire hot offers your audience can't wait to buy. You want to simplify sales & elevate your business model to hold more clients than ever before.  You want to be an ICONIC, industry shattering leader.  This is where we do that, together.

You're ready to tighten up your selling

You want to walk away from exhausting launch models, IG only strategies, & flying by the seat of your pants praying someone buys.  You want to feel less like your business is duct taped together by bringing some masculine structure into your biz so you can be in your feminine flow.  Think: a quarterly plan, scheduled posts or emails, automated onboarding.  


When you clean up your selling, your intuitive, creative, feminine flow gets to be FUN, not frantic.  We'll also help you HOLD more clients when you're selling or launching, so you stop having a trickle of clients & open up the damn floodgates of "send me the link" & "I'm in" messages.


I want this

It's time to step into your 6 figure identity 

For so long you've half assed self trust.  You kinda trust yourself, until it's day 3 of your launch & it's still crickets.  Or you have an idea for a new offer, but it's been sitting in the notes section in your phone because someone told you to get booked out first.  You trust yourself until someone with a glamorous following tells you, "sorry babe, XYZ content is OUT in 2024." Sound about right?


It's time to step into not just your next level, but your 6 figure identity.  She's iconic, she runs with her ideas, she goes all in, she's held & supported, she feels her fears & doubts & moves through them with grace & ease.  


She isn't looking for approval or validation.  She's leading.  She's creating offers to solve a problem.  She's selling offers from a place of service.  She's scaling, elevating & expanding her business to impact more humans.  


She is you.  And it's mf time to step into her. 

I'm ready

You're fed up not living the life of freedom & luxury you started this biz for

So many people left their 9-5 just to work 24/7 in their business.  That doesn't need to be you.  It's time to build a business model that prioritizes your peace first & foremost.  No more drowning in DFY work, 12+ private clients, & 5 days a week on zoom calls.  


ICONIC is about building a life & business you love. Inside we'll have you creating offers (or refining them) that light you up to deliver on, setting boundaries with clients, overdelivering on client experience without being a run down miserable workaholic.  You'll finally have shame free pajama days, watch Disney movies over breakfast, take 9 am baths, or whatever else means freedom & luxury to you.

I want this

If you're nodding your head thinking, "okay Bri this is exactly what I need..."

Well let me tell you more.  ICONIC is a 6 month mastermind experience with only 5-6 women accepted per round.  Intimate, laser focused, & explosive.  It's 6 months of biweekly live coaching calls & DAILY voice note & text coaching in Slack.  You'll have me coaching you every day M-F  & the endless support of your ICONIC mastermind peers.   

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