Private Coaching


Working with me 1:1 is simple & straightforward.

Let's see if it's a fit for you.

You're seeing pretty good results in your business.  


But "pretty good" really isn't your standard. You're craving instant sales, full launches, $40K weekends, & clients buying pretty much every day.


That's where I come in.

You're ready to 

Ditch the lie that you can only sell one thing at a time & build an ecosystem of sales where you're being paid all.the.time.

Explode online through your bombshell identity.

Leave behind the endless zoom calls & mountain of DFY work & create wide open calendar space with new offers. 

Fall in love with launching & sign more clients than ever all the time. 

Finally stop sounding like everyone else online & master your authentic voice. 

Blow up online, become non stop paid, & be your audience's first choice. 


Private Coaching 


Everything you get inside...

3 coaching calls with me per month (60 mins) where we solidify your multi 6 figure identity, nail your authentic marketing, & concrete your new offers, boundaries, & standards so you lay in nothing less than non stop paid

M-F coaching in Slack. Think text & voice note support DAILY for in the moment coaching, feedback, & "you can't find this anywhere else" guidance

On-demand access to ALL of the Feminine Energy Sales product suite including: BOMBSHELL, ICONIC, WORTHY, & Freedom Revolution

Hands on content review from me that will have your audience is reading your stuff & running to your dms with their debit card in hand



Pay in Full


3 month package

  • 3 coaching calls per month, 60 mins long
  • M-F Slack coaching
  • Content review from me
  • Access to ALL FES products & offers

3 Month Plan


3 month package

  • 3 coaching calls per month, 60 mins long
  • M-F Slack coaching
  • Content review from me
  • Access to ALL FES products & offers

1:1 Slack Only


3 month package

  • M-F 1:1 Slack coaching
  • Content review from me

A little about me...


I spent 5 years struggling with sales, now every 6 figures I make comes in faster than before


If you know my story, I didn't have sales for 5 brutal years. I knew there had to be a way to sell that worked for people like me, like us.  A way to sell that didn't feel pushy, & desperate, & icky, & make me want to crawl in a hole & die - FRANKLY. 

When I couldn't find one, I build it.  And that was how Feminine Energy Sales was born.  Finally a way to sell that honored my intuition, emotion, energy levels, & all the parts of me traditional sales blew off.  What I didn't expect was how fast my life would change after I founded FES. 

In about 18 months, I had gone from never signing a client to $100K.  

The next year, I grew to $170K.

2023, I surpassed $250,000 & am still growing. 

2024, I'll either walk in at $300K or quickly arrive.  

That's $300K in a little over 3 years & every $100K is more peaceful than the last. 

And it's what I want for you.  

Not just the sales, clients, bank account, but the PEACE.  For me, scaling my business hasn't been the brutal, depleting, meltdown worthy experience the online space depicted.  

No, for me it's been more ease, more flow, more hobbies, more life lived AND more sales, more clients, more pay in fulls, more offers, more impact. 

It can be this way for you too.  

And in Private Coaching, I help you build this.