Freedom Revolution

 Stay until you make $5K


Make your 9-5 optional. Travel. Fund IVF. Homestead. Get a facelift. Never set an alarm ever again. Whatever freedom looks like to you, I'm here to help you create that.


You started your business with the intention for something bigger than you're living right now.  You started it for Freedom.  But that freedom comes through sales, & right now sales feels like you're beating your head against a wall.  


Sound familiar: dead audience, no inquiries, or if you do get inquiries you're usually met with "not right now," sales slumps, & spending most of your one precious life frustrated & wondering what the hell works to sign clients.

You're not afraid of hard work. In fact, all you've done is work hard, but you're fed up with being overworked & underpaid with no end to the cycle in sight.  You're ready to leave behind everything you learned about sales that didn't work & finally sign clients, make money, & create the life you started your business for. You're gonna love it here.  

There's a lot of sales programs flaunting $5K months

But there's only one on the market where you stay until you make $5K and that's Freedom Revolution.



I didn’t have sales for 5 brutal years.  I was defeated, burnt out, following every sales guru, & STILL sales-less. I just knew there had to be another way.

But I couldn't find anything but the solution of "just do more." So I did. I went live, hosted masterclasses, sent slimy DM’s, paid scammy coaches, hung up business cards at Panera. Literally, everything. And still, I was 5 years in to business with not one sale.

Beyond burnt out & fed up, sobbing on my bathroom floor one night, I pulled myself together and decided if I couldn't find something that worked, I would just create it.

Little did I know I was about to birth a global revolution. 

Doing more wasn't working. Yet it was the only solution I was provided.  There had to me some other, bigger element at play.  I realized that no matter what actions I took, there was this deep rooted paralyzing fear that stood between me & a client. Fear of judgment, fear of failure, feelings of unworthiness, things that had never been addressed by the 30 reels in 30 days bootcamps.

I had never faced this internal world.  I had only taken action. And I began to wonder if the actions fell null & void when my thoughts, beliefs, & emotions were like a raging storm inside me. 

I ditched everything I was taught & began to deal with this internal storm.  And something wild happened, I started bringing in 8-10 clients a month, I had $40K+ launches and knew I’d found feminine energy sales. 

And so, a revolution was born.


Rewrite your sales story through  Feminine Energy Sales

Freedom Revolution is different because it starts with SAFETY (not trying to be your coach's coach's coach).

It’s not focused on what you're doing, because we know that there's no one way to succeed.

Feminine Energy Sales is about who you're being, not what you're doing.  

You'll stop feeling anxious when someone inquires. You stop feeling slimy. You stop backing down when someone asks you the price. 

You start loving sales & building the skills to get really, really good at it.

 Freedom Revolution is the ONLY sales program on the market where you don't leave in 3 months or 6 when the program is over, you stay until you make $5K.  

You get coached until you have a $5,000 cash month. 

Because I believe in you.  Because I believe in Feminine Energy Sales. Because l know inside Freedom Revolution, you can rewrite your story with sales. 



Feminine Energy Sales didn't just work for me


Client K went from no inquiries ever to 20 in a matter of weeks


Client N came to me with nothing more than an idea of a business & 90 days inside was making thousands per month as a service provider


Client E went from crippling fear of being rejected to more than doubling her income in just a few weeks 


Hear it from them:


Hear from Client T.

My relationship with sales has changed immensely.. from being afraid to sell and not confident in my capabilities.. to quite literally signing clients in my sleep and creating a business from scratch that is quickly growing.. it's a whole new world! Sales feels fun now, when before it felt daunting. In 6 months I now have upwards of 12 clients, next month I will have made back the cost of Freedom Revolution, and then some! More confidence, being able to sell and not hold tight to the outcome. Knowing my worth and value. $1,100 payment in one day..and upgrading clients to packages to earn more. Halfway to my goal of leaving my 9-5 and the end is definitely in sight!

Hear from Client N.

The most tangible change I can attest to is that I’m not trying to sell like other coaches or mentors, I feel safe, grounded and excited to sell as ME- and that’s huge for me. I feel like I’ve taken off so much pressure off of myself and my business to where I can and do connect with my community in a way where I know they can see who I am, how much I care and they feel the truth in the service I provide.


Freedom Revolution isn't something that just worked for me.


This is a global movement that's helped coaches, healers, reiki masters, copywriters, VA's, OBM's, photographers, brand strategists, product based business, & so many more.


Stay until you make $5K

So how does that actually work? 

I know what it's like to leave program after program empty handed. And I never want you to go through that ever again. 

Stay Until You Make $5K means that you don't leave in 90 days, or 6 months, you have access to the live coaching, curriculum, Slack support, private podcast, & so much more as long as you need to create $5K cash in a month.

You'll get a minimum of 6 months coaching, but you'll never leave this program empty handed.


Because here you're not kicked out when the time's up.  You stay until you make $5K.

Become unrecognizable with sales


Real talk? It's been a long time since I was the burnt out girl crying on the floor struggling with sales. 


Because lately I've been the multi 6 figure coached, dubbed The Sales Queen, changing lives through my unique way of selling.


When people hear my story, they're shocked, because they'd never expect that my story was 5 brutal years of no sales.  All they see is the $300K global movement I've created. 


And that's what I want for you.  To be unrecognizable with sales.  To succeed so much, people can't remember when you struggled.  To make signing clients & being paid thousands so normal, it seems weird that it wasn't always standard for you.  


Freedom Revolution is more than a sales program.  It's a movement of women changing what's normal for them. 


I'd love to be your coach. 


You've never seen a sales program like this

Freedom Revolution

You're gonna be spoiled here: 

- 4 live coaching calls per month, biweekly on Tues (7pm EST) & Thurs (1pm EST) to get laser specific feedback, insight, & a loving kick in the butt as needed right alongside your Freedom community

- M-F coaching in Slack, imagine having a coach & community of support in your back pocket for you to access any hour, in any timezone

- On-demand access to a binge worthy sales curriculum, dubbed "pure fucking gold" from clients

- A private client podcast

- Monthly live content workshop to put out the juciest, community building, sales resulting words you've ever written


$3 00pif or as low as $156/m with Klarna

This is a revolution. And the women inside can't wait to celebrate you for joining.


Join Freedom Revolution


One time payment or Klarna checkout

  • 4¬†live monthly coaching calls
  • M-F Slack coaching
  • Binge worthy sales curriculum
  • Private client podcast
  • Monthly live content workshop

For payment plans, please see Afterpay & Klarna options at checkout.


Looking for a payment plan?

Klarna & Afterpay provide flexible & personalized payment plans as low as $156/m. The checkout varies individually so the price may wiggle a bit, but you can find your rate with these simple steps:


1. Fill out the Kajabi checkout like you’re going to purchase this offer

2. Select Klarna or Afterpay

3. It will prompt you to choose a simple pay in 4 or check their pay over time options, select the second

4. Fill out your info for your extended plan & custom rate.

5. If that number works for you, check out & you’re in!


I can’t wait to be your coach. 

Prefer a face to face call?

I can't wait to meet you & see if Freedom Revolution is a good fit.  Book a call & let me put your questions & hesitations to rest.  You'll walk away with absolute clarity on if Freedom is for you. 

I can't freaking wait to be your coach.


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