Still "bad with money" despite years of manifesting more of it?

For so long you've chased your next cash injection, the next pay in full, the next credit line, but now it's time to create an identity of wealth & step into financial overflow.

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You can't be the wealthy, free, confident woman you want to be without money


And yet, you're likely more than happy to buy the next thing to hype you up, get you high vibe, & tell you you're magnetic af without actually equipping you to change your relationship with making, spending, & saving cash. 


And that's the problem, you still haven't solved the biggest pitfall to your big dreams: who you're being with money.  This is your wealth identity. And that's what we're here to reclaim.

Is it scarcity mindset or "acting as if" putting you in a financial black hole?


I love woo woo, but when it comes to money, I think there's a little too much "trust the process" & "act as if" & not nearly enough: look at what's going out, coming in, & make financial decisions from there.  


I'm frankly sick & tired of seeing bad money advice being sold as devotion. Things like: if you get a job, you're telling the Universe you're not all in.  Or: if you overspend, the money will show up so pay that coach $20K you don't have & trust the Divine.  


Ummmmmm no.  Not one more day are we putting ourselves in a financial shit hole under the guise of trust.  


Because what I know & I'll bet you suspect: you can be all in, make big moves, show the Universe you're about your shit, AND not put yourself in a panic attack with your spending. 


What if more money comes when you feel safe, when you're taking care of yourself, & when you trust that you'll always say no to something that would infringe on that safety? 


That's what I believe. 

Manifesting money is cool, but it won't build the stability & safety you're looking for


I love a good manifesting money moment, but what I love more: cashflow. Because manifesting money is random, it's like when my husband comes home with flowers to surprise me -- one of my favorite things & not the same as being provided for & having more than enough.  


Manifesting money will leave you releasing the how, journaling for 3 hours, crying & trying to manhandle yourself into trust just to pay your bills.  And you'll stay exactly there for as many months, years, or decades as you (subconsciously) choose.  


It's the most exhausting way to live frankly.  So when you're ready to go from manifesting just enough in the nick of time to increasing your financial minimum to sustain your life & manifest from a place of overflow -- that's when you hire me.

Minimums: the way out


You've been focusing on EARNING money, hitting a goal (like the $10K months I'm so sick of everyone obsessing over), & believing the lie that will solve all your problems. 


But your maximum, that income you hit once, that high score isn't what changes your life.  


Your MINIMUM is.


You've been focusing on hitting a high, let's say $10K, & then the next few months being cash lows. 


This has created a ton of unsafely with your money, feeling like you have to put all this effort in to get paid, perpetuating the belief that you have to exhaust yourself to earn, & bringing up a lot of pressure & distrust with money, i.e: "I have to sign 8 clients this month or I literally can't pay my mortgage & if no one buys I'm quitting, money never shows up for me."


Focusing on your maximum will keep you on the hamster wheel, always chasing the next big goal, always needing more, doing more, pushing harder, hustling to hit your goals. 


Your entire life will change when you stop giving a fuck about your maximum & get laser focused on raising your MINIMUM. 


Your minimum: the lowest amount of money you make, the amount you always seem to earn, the recurring income setup via payment plans, etc. 


By focusing on raising your MINIMUM, you create safety with your money, begin to always have more than enough, can actually go from freedom to luxury, & can stop chasing the next ego goal for good. 


It's time to leave break free from the manifesting hamster wheel & create real financial overflow through your wealth identity

I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Bri & I'm not a millionaire. 


There's nothing wrong with being a 7 figure earner, I hope to be one.  But when someone with $100K in the bank is telling you "you can't mess it up, trust yourself, act as if & the money will come." I can't help but give them the fattest eye roll behind my screen.  Because it's easy to trust yourself when you have enough.  


So let me get financially nakey with you: I'm not a millionaire, I've overspent, & I save money& use that savings when I need to.  I make money mistakes.  And that's why my work with money is a breath of fresh air: because I get it. 


I'm actually building safety with money without having oodles off it spewing out my eyeballs. 


I was born into poverty -- like Thanksgiving at a food bank poverty.  The work I'm teaching you is how I: healed my relationship with money, forgave myself for bad moves with money, raised my financial minimum, & made more money in a month than my family made all year. 


I'm not a millionaire & that's why you'll love it here. 

Now presenting...

Reclaim who you are with money, how it works for you, & never play in anything but overflow ever again

It's time to step into a new state of being with money

Your dynamic with money has been set for you since birth.  You were likely born into an identity of "not enough," & it's not your fault.  But you will chase more, more, more to no avail until you step into a new identity with money. That's what we're here to do. That's your wealth identity.  

Introducing: your wealth identity

Your wealth identity: when you start being your wealthy self, see yourself as rich, trust yourself with more, & expect overflow, you create what you've always chased: more. 

Your thoughts, emotions, & beliefs around who you are & how the world works for you determines your bank balance, so inside Reclamation, we build & step into this new identity with money & watch it pour in.

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